A Small Guide to Ceramic Terms

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A Small Guide to Ceramic Terms

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Derived from the Greek ‘Keramos’ meaning earthen vessel or potter’s clay.  It refers to clay products made permanent by the application of heat, such as bricks, porcelain, pottery, etc.


Pottery oven or furnace in which ceramic products are fired. It may be fired by wood, coal, sawdust, electricity or gas. For our products, we use solar energy.


The clay is pressed into thin slabs that are then cut, assembled, and shaped into the desired form. This is done on a slab table.


A device used by a potter to rotate a lump of clay on top of a disk, which allows you to create a variety of cylindrical shapes for a wide array of functional objects.


A naturally occurring inorganic substance composed of very small “plate-like” particles. The various classifications of clay are determined by size, color, chemical make-up, and purity.


A thin glassy layer formed on the surface of a ceramic article by the exposure of the glaze coated article to a high temperature.


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