From Spade to Made.

We offer you a variety of succulent plants and ceramics for your garden!


How it began

Nerissa Luger started this venture as a hobby back in 1997. It slowly became a small backyard enterprise. Nerissa makes handcrafted ceramics, fully powered by solar energy. She also offers tutorials and workshops for both kids and adults, in group and individual sessions.


We offer a wide variety of succulent plants, with the starting price of 150 pesos.


We also make different ceramics. The prices vary in size. 


These are pictures of some of the succulents and ceramics made by Ceramico Arts and Crafts.

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Here are what some of our clients have to say about their workshop experience!

I remember what my son said, “Mom, can you buy me a potters’ wheel? So, I can make you a pot everyday.” He really enjoyed the experience. Thanks, Ma’am Nerrisa!

Wilnie Mary Tajaon Dignadice

Wow, my daughter and I had a wonderful time. Thank you very much for the experience!

Cryzt Golingay

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